Indulgence facility

indulgence facility

When our guests seek focus and a sense of privacy…

By “indulgence” we mean indulgence with knowledge.
It is a cozy, intimate facility consisting of 2 independent buildings.
It has been designed to host groups who wish to fully focus on the task which they have in mind when they come to us.

Our 170-meter hall is ideal for you to comfortably sit in a 1960s armchair, read a book or meditate, glancing over to a larch copse through the eastern wall, made entirely of glass. There is a fireplace in the hall too. We hope you will find a sense of peacefulness and inner space, which this physical space transmits. You can also use this hall to set up a few tables and a flipchart, connect a projector, and conduct a training session.

Wooden tables, chairs from the 1960s and a wide variety of tea, coffee, cakes and fruit create an atmosphere which favors communality and spending time together.

Whenever the weather conditions and the temperature allow – we invite you to our terraces with a magnificent view over the forest, pond and a dry creek.

Rozpieszczanie Facility is a perfect venue for:

  • personal development workshops,
  • workshops up to 30 people, specifically those requiring concentration, intimacy, and being cut-off from the hustle of the outside world
  • daily receptions up to 80 attendees (we prepare an individual offer, the cost of which depends on the menu and the duration of the event),
  • reunions of friends

A corridor connects the hall with the adjacent building where our guests are accommodated. In order to ensure the maximum of privacy in the Rozpieszczanie Facility, we chose to separate the space devoted to daily activities from the one devoted to nocturnal ones.

The ground floor houses six double rooms.
Each room has its own patron, chosen from among the great philosophers who, according to our judgement, had a remarkable impact on the reality as we know it today :).
One floor above, having a separate entrance, there is a studio called Heaven (“Niebo”) 🙂
It comprises of two double rooms with a shared bathroom, and a triple room with a private bathroom.
Its additional attraction is the adjacent recreation area – known as the Library.
When designing these rooms, we chose to play a bit with the aesthetics of kitsch. The way we have combined colors, forms and textures – its goal has been to make our guests smile.
Hence, since we enjoy peace and quiet so much, we wish to warn you that the décor of these rooms presents our subjective sense of humor and interpretation of reality.

Accommodation costs at Rozpieszczanie Facility, including breakfast:

  • single room with breakfast 230 PLN
  • double room with breakfast 270 PLN

We provide towels, bed linen, basic cosmetics, a hair dryer and an iron.


Access from the direction of Warsaw:
exit A2 motorway at the Grodzisk Mazowiecki / Błonie junction: turn right, in the direction of Błonie;
in Radonice, turn left towards Bieniewice;
in Bieniewice there’s a small roundabout: take the second exit (i.e. go straight), and then across the railway tracks until you reach road 92;
turn left to enter road 92 – in the direction of Sochaczew;
once you pass the village of Lisice, there’s a sign to turn left towards „Seroki Parcele” – the middle lane is for those who turn: take the turn into Pałacowa Street;
drive straight, then across the railway tracks, and continue going straight until the road ends, and a house appears at its end;
turn right;
after 150 meters you will see a tall hedge on your lefthand side, with a gate in it: YOU’RE HERE!

Many navigation systems indicate alternative routes – most often through the village of Żaby. We advise you not to take those routes.  

Access from the direction of Łódź:
exit A2 motorway at the Wiskitki junction;
at the roundabout, take the exit towards Żyrardów / Wiskitki;
in Wiskitki, turn left towards Błonie;
once you pass the village of Drybus, take the third exit at a small roundabout – heading to Seroki Wieś;
at the crossroads in the village of Kaski – drive straight, with a delicate shift to the left – after 150 meters the asphalt surface gives way to gravel;
before the local crossroads at the level of Graniczna Street (where you’ll see a right-of-way sign), the road becomes asphalt again – turn right;
stick to the asphalt road, after about 1 kilometer the road has a sharp turn to the left and then immediately to the right (pass the entrance to the copse on your right, with a “no road” sign);
after about 500 meters you will see a tall hedge on your righthand side, with a gate in it: YOU’RE HERE!