A "normal" wedding

a "normal" wedding 2022/23 at oczyszczalnia miejsce

Oczyszczalnia Miejsce
Wedding Offer 2023

In theory – a simple recipe for the perfect reception:
Find a welcoming and beautiful venue.
Invite the people you love.
Serve the dishes and drinks you like.
And… dance all night, until the sunlight cracks.

In practice – the Newly-weds organize the wedding:
…they traveled hundreds of kilometers in search of the perfect venue for the reception, spend their
nights browsing through the Internet to catch up with all the latest trends, resorted to the services of
six diviners, four tarot card readers and an astrologer. They had 17 heated arguments and 17 times
they reconciled. They couldn’t sleep at night, they were working up a sweat and saved every penny
they could, refraining from drinking aromatic rice milk lattes every Wednesday. They edited the
guestlist four times, took a whole year to compose the menu that would please everyone… including
themselves. They would wake up screaming at night, having dreamt of warm vodka standing
shamelessly on the table… The complete list of these unique experiences would take a long time to

The solution – it’s the most beautiful when it’s just

When you can have the wedding you want.
When you can free yourselves from the burden of all the “shoulds” and “musts”.
When you can focus on the positive emotions and on celebrating this special day!

What does this mean in practice?
– a relaxed atmosphere that encourages spontaneous fun, laughter, and cheerful conversation,
– diverse activities – when you can do what you want to have a great, interesting time,
– a venue embedded in nature – surrounded by meadows, forests, and a pond,
– three complementary areas: gastronomic, dance and leisure one,
– a large recreation space with deckchairs, pouf seats, hammocks, and benches,
– delicious, healthy, and exciting food,
– a guarantee of exclusivity for the entire facility, including the grounds.

And what are the receptions at Oczyszczalnia Miejsce like?

We invite you to watch the video and the photo essay – links to the websites:

Detailed information:

Number of wedding guests
– on Fridays, we host private, relatively small weddings for a minimum of 70 people,
– on Saturdays, we organize bigger events for the number of attendees ranging from 90 to 120,
– opting for a picnic-style wedding by daylight allows to increase the maximum number of guests to 150 people (on both days),
– on Sundays, we welcome more intimate celebrations, accommodating groups between 30 and a maximum of 70 attendees.

Outdoor wedding ceremony
We are pleased to provide you with perfect spots for arranging an outdoor wedding ceremony:
– a pier
– an alley by the pond
– a greenhouse in case of bad weather
We believe that such a charming scenery endows the marital vows with an even greater strength 😊
The official ceremony can be held courtesy of the officers from the Civil Registry Office in Teresin, but you can also opt for a humanist wedding or organize a religious celebration.

Day or night wedding? – we hold two types of receptions:
Night wedding
It starts between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM, and ends no later than at 6:00 AM.
The standard price includes 12 hours of service:
– greeting of the guests upon arrival (one hour before the official start at the earliest),
– comprehensive service during the reception, and
– bidding farewell to the guests upon departure (one hour after the official end at the latest).

Day wedding
It is often the case that the wedding celebration has a very intimate, family character. On such occasions a picnic-style wedding reception is a particularly attractive format, given that a large proportion of the attendees consists of seniors and children. Thus, we welcome you between 12:00 PM (noon) and 12:00 AM (midnight).
The standard price includes 12 hours of comprehensive service.

International weddings
We had the pleasure of hosting guests from various parts of the world, from Iceland to South Africa, from California to Malaysia.
It is a great joy for us, seeing how the guests coming from different countries and cultures find themselves at home in the environment we have created. Hence, our staff provides service in English and we prepare dishes that encompass the flavors of cuisines from all around the world.

Wedding preparations
We invite the Bride and Groom to Heaven.
Our leisure area – a furnished space with a large window facing north (providing optimal lighting for make-up application) can be used for the wedding preparations (free of charge for the couples who are getting married at our facility).

Accommodation for the Newly-weds
We invite the Bride and Groom to the apartment called Heaven, which is located in the Indulgence Building (“Rozpieszczanie”).
Covering the area of 100 m2, it offers:
– a room with a private bathroom for the Newly-weds (free of charge),
– two double rooms with a shared bathroom for the bridesmaid and the best man / parents / loved ones
– recreation area with a library

Accommodation with breakfast
There is 19 double rooms with bathrooms available at our establishment, which can accommodate 38 people.
If the need arises to increase the number of beds, we are able to provide the sleeping space for up to 48 guests using extra beds.
We also have 3 wooden cots for children up to 3 years old at our disposal.
– Double room with breakfast: 240 PLN
– Extra bed with breakfast: 80 PLN
– Baby cot: 30 PLN

The check-out time is 10:00 AM – thus, we ask you to leave the rooms on your way to breakfast.
We invite you for breakfast at 10:00 AM – it is served in the Indulgence Building (“Rozpieszczanie”), which provides the space for the morning rest, including its lounge area.
The wedding guests are expected to leave the facility by 12:00 PM (noon).

Extending the morning rest
After breakfast, you might not necessarily want to leave us right away! The morning rest is one of the most pleasant stages of the wedding – we propose this option instead of the typical second-day continuation of the wedding celebrations. Hence, we offer a possibility to extend your stay:
– extended breakfast – until 1:00 PM.
– brunch – until 2:00 PM
– lunch in form of a buffet or a barbecue – until 3:00 PM

Our gastronomy offer abounds in the dishes based on vegetables, herbs and seasonal fruits cultivated in our garden.
Whenever we buy fruits, we opt for the orchards that apply eco-friendly technologies – we care about the high quality of the products and their authentic taste.
We bake our own cakes, make pickles, hummuses, pâtés. The vegetables and herbs we use come from our own permaculture gardens or from carefully selected farmers.
On weekdays, all year round, we host corporate events, while on weekends we provide space for yoga classes and personal development workshops. Consequently, our cuisine is quite diverse, to cater for all the varied culinary needs of our clients. We are therefore able to prepare, among others, meat, vegetarian, vegan, raw and gluten-free dishes – the type of diet does not increase the price of the menu.
We welcome children younger than 3 years old free of charge, while for those younger than 12 years old we offer 50% discount regarding the agreed rates.
The final composition of the menu, and thus the price per person, is discussed and established together with the Bride and Groom. 45 days prior to the date of the event we send you a wide choice of seasonal dishes available (depending on whether the reception is taking place in Spring, Summer or Autumn). Based on this, the Newly-weds compose the menu themselves. We try to assist in the selection process and recommend the best way to combine the dishes.
Within the following 15 days, you determine your version of the menu, and we evaluate its price. During these 2 weeks, we join forces to work out the optimal version of the menu and the final costs.

30 days prior to the wedding reception we make final decisions regarding:
– the composition of the menu and the price per person,
– the number of guests,
– any specific dietary regime.
The basic cost of the menu per person in 2023 is:
– for the night wedding reception, 350 PLN /person,
– for the picnic-style wedding reception, 310 PLN /person.

This price includes
The abundance of food and a wide variety of dishes, despite our guests' expectations not always
staying within these limits.
We strive to propose the dishes that, according to our experience, will work well in the conditions of
a wedding reception.
Hence, we do not offer dishes which require preparation long time in advance and would need to be
reheated. We begin the preparation of the majority of our culinary propositions a few hours prior to
the reception. The day before the event, we marinate the meat and cook the broths.
We are strong supporters of exquisite taste, quality products and “zero waste” philosophy.
Therefore, we aim at preparing enough food so that you and your guests are satisfied, but that there
is no necessity of throwing away tons of leftovers.
The final form of the menu and its cost depend on the needs and expectations of the Bride and
Groom, as well as their guests.

Besides the menu, the basic price includes:
Designated space for the pre-wedding preparations for the Bride and Groom (when we host the
Room for the Bride and Groom,
Exclusive use of the facility (Oczyszczalnia) along with the surrounding area,
Guarantee that no wedding would be held simultaneously in the adjacent Indulgence Building
Roofed terrace (180 m2) with furniture,
Wooden platform (180 m2),
Pier on the pond,
Leisure area equipped with: hammocks, pouf seats, blankets and pillows,
Place for the wedding cake,
Setting for the wedding ceremony,
Car parks with a capacity of 50 vehicles,
Decorative lighting of the banquet hall (white and yellow lights),
Plant adornments on the walls and ceiling of the facility,
Wooden rectangular tables,
Wooden chairs with soft cushions,
Complete tableware,
Glasses for wine and vodka, glasses for drinks and beer,

Emergency power supply (power generator),
Tactful, attentive, and efficient waiter and cleaning service,
A person coordinating the work of the wait and kitchen staff,
Supervision of the facility’s owners,
Storage of the wedding cake in a cold store,
Cooling alcohols to appropriate temperatures,
Signature cuisine based on organic, sustainable products,
Dishes adapted to the dietary needs of the guests (in accordance with what is agreed during the
planning stage).

Special services – charged extra:
Designated space for the pre-wedding preparations for the Bride and Groom (when we do not host
the ceremony),
Early arrival of the wedding guests,
Extended wedding reception time / stay of the guests,
Strong spirits (vodka, gin, whiskey) and light alcohols (wine, cider and beer),
Flavored lemonades and hop waters of our production,
Dessert buffet (candy-bar),
Alcohol bar with bartending service,
Additional wedding lighting (the package includes: garland in front of the building, illumination of the
barbecue area, “BAR” and “AMORE” signs),
Screening of videos or photo compilations,
White tablecloths and napkins,
White and gray table runners,
Patio heaters (pyramids),
Overnight accommodation with breakfast,
After-party service (lunch, brunch or the “extended breakfast”) – the cost determined on the basis of
the menu.

We do not charge additional fees, when the following appear:
Sparkling soft drinks (ice-chilled)
Fruit juices (served in carafes)

Wedding cake (kept in a cold store, and later cut and served by us to the guests without any cake fee)
Special attractions (photo booths, coffee caterers, animations for children, etc.)


Floral arrangements/adornments (exclusive)

Based on very positive previous experiences, we invited three floral design studios for exclusive

cooperation – we invite you to contact the artists directly:


Wedding Planner (exclusive)

If you feel that you might need a hand in handling all the responsibilities
related to the organization of the wedding – we recommend:


Music and lighting of the dance hall (recommended)

These are one of the crucial elements creating the atmosphere of any wedding reception.
Below we list the professionals for whom we hold deep appreciation.


Marek Szwelengreber – DJ Szwelek: +48 501 101 444
Tomasz Nowakowski – DJ novaQ: +48 724 206 000
Michał Łomżyński: +48 501 404 243
and 3 associations uniting many great DJs:
– panowieodmuzyki.pl
– weselni wojownicy – djdowynajecia.pl
– gentelmeni dobrej zabawy – instagram.com › wodzirejplus

Music bands:

Transport (recommended)

If you are planning to organize transport for your guests, we highly recommend Mr. Jacek Śliwiński

+48 502 239 302 eurotrans@vp.pl

He is a local carrier – he can avoid traffic jams on the motorway due to his familiarity with the area.

Bartender (exclusive)
Andreas Doreng +48 515 129 663

A very popular attraction of the reception tends to be our well-stocked bar,
situated in an architecturally interesting space (an industrial trailer with neon lighting), and managed by a friendly bartender.
Interesting, colorful drinks (also non-alcoholic), and the possibility of creating new compositions on the spot means that many guests gather around the bar.

Our bartender complements his expertise with a preference for natural products, which he prepares in advance himself: juices, syrups, hop water,birch saps, home-brews, kvass, etc.

Experience shows that employing a bartender at a reception significantly
reduces the costs generated by alcohol, juices and soft drinks.

Small gifts for the wedding guests (recommended)

Denice Doreng +48 509 780 782
Oftentimes, the Bride and Groom want to show gratitude to their guests for their presence and support during such an important day of their life.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of gifts, all hand-made and using natural materials
(if you are interested, we will be glad to send you the offer).
The gifts are ecological, imaginative, and consistent with
the character of the venue where your reception takes place.
It is also possible to order a personalized design.
Our employees will be thrilled to discuss, design, and prepare the gifts.

Photo booth (exclusive)
– photobus
– backdrop photo wall
– open air photo shoot for the Newly-weds


Master of Ceremonies – humanist wedding (recommended)

www.slub-humanistyczny.pl +48 795 147 459
www.slubysymboliczne.pl +48 697 800 439
www.slubhumanistyczny.com +48 509 067 967

Catholic outdoor wedding ceremony (exclusive)


Photojournalism / photos / videos (recommended)





we would also like to remind you of the two links that can be found on the second page of our offer.

We trust that all the above information will prove useful in the process of taking the decision regarding the location of your wedding reception.

Thank you for your interest in Oczyszczalnia Miejsce!
We cordially invite you to celebrate your special day with us.

Witold Czarnocki +48 602 767 585

Access from the direction of Warsaw:
exit A2 motorway at the Grodzisk Mazowiecki / Błonie junction: turn right, in the direction of Błonie;
in Radonice, turn left towards Bieniewice;
in Bieniewice there’s a small roundabout: take the second exit (i.e. go straight), and then across the railway tracks until you reach road 92;
turn left to enter road 92 – in the direction of Sochaczew;
once you pass the village of Lisice, there’s a sign to turn left towards „Seroki Parcele” – the middle lane is for those who turn: take the turn into Pałacowa Street;
drive straight, then across the railway tracks, and continue going straight until the road ends, and a house appears at its end;
turn right;
after 150 meters you will see a tall hedge on your lefthand side, with a gate in it: YOU’RE HERE!

Many navigation systems indicate alternative routes – most often through the village of Żaby. We advise you not to take those routes.  

Access from the direction of Łódź:
exit A2 motorway at the Wiskitki junction;
at the roundabout, take the exit towards Żyrardów / Wiskitki;
in Wiskitki, turn left towards Błonie;
once you pass the village of Drybus, take the third exit at a small roundabout – heading to Seroki Wieś;
at the crossroads in the village of Kaski – drive straight, with a delicate shift to the left – after 150 meters the asphalt surface gives way to gravel;
before the local crossroads at the level of Graniczna Street (where you’ll see a right-of-way sign), the road becomes asphalt again – turn right;
stick to the asphalt road, after about 1 kilometer the road has a sharp turn to the left and then immediately to the right (pass the entrance to the copse on your right, with a “no road” sign);
after about 500 meters you will see a tall hedge on your righthand side, with a gate in it: YOU’RE HERE!